Personalized Master Cutting Boards

$46.00 - $104.50
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Perfect Gift Guaranteed

Carved Solutions comes to your kitchen and what better place to start than the quintessential kitchen tool … the cutting board! Especially, a world renowned Vermont crafted favorite!

You’ll instantly fall in love with the touch and feel of each and every board. In fact, the first time we held one in our hands we couldn’t resist caressing it! Each and every detail is crafted with the highest integrity.

Different than anything else you’ve ever experienced! Personalized to your desire with a classic initial, a timeless monogram, a modern name, a custom phrase, an icon or even a logo!

With almost 5 decades of craftsmanship, we guarantee gift-giving success each and every time. Remember each board has two sides and the back can be used for a pastry board or buffet server. Unlike many bamboo products our Vermont made products are Formaldehyde FREE, created through responsible forestry, even the waste sustains the heat in our employee's homes and creates bedding for local Vermont dairy cows!

The quality you expect, the personalization you desire … Made in Vermont

The Master Collection is a stylish addition to any kitchen. Each Master Collection board is also crafted Yellow Birch with New England Ash with a crumb/juice groove and finished with square corners. Whether given as a thoughtful gift or simply designed to enhance your personal kitchen, this versatile board is perfect as a cutting board or may be used to present your favorite dish. Carved to your desire, it's simply perfection!