What Our Soaps Are Made Of

What Our Soaps Are Made Of

16th Apr 2021

Eco- Luxury

Our Eco-Luxury line is revered for its guilt-free pampering, ensuring gift-giving success every time! Each bar is triple-milled in Vermont. Featuring a vegetable-based formula, our soaps are cruelty- free, with our famous water-based Aqua Mineral fragrance, making them perfect for sensitive skin as they consist of only natural ingredients, no artificial additives. The antique white color adds that perfect elegance for a hostess, bride, or yourself! Have no fear if the recipient has allergies, sensitive skin, or a delicate nose, these soaps are gentle and beautiful!

They come with as many personalized varieties that you can imagine.. Including Christmas, Hanukkah, Antler for the hunting cabin, Starfish and Seashell for the beach house, plus so many more.

Signature Spa

Our exquisite Signature Spa Vermont made, personalized aromatherapy soap bars are triple-milled and 100% vegetable based. Like our exo-luxury soap, these are perfect for those with sensitive skin. Triple milled soap has a greater density, and the bar will last much longer, meaning more bang for your buck. A true, all-sensory experience; botanical, herbal, revitalizing and healing. Pamper your friends with the color of their dreams or whisk them away with the scent that moves their soul.

Available in all the same personalization options as the Exo-Luxury, what makes the Spa Collection so special are the 6 scents available:

  1. Wild Blue Lupin: This rare, romantic blue captures the essence of the beloved Wild Blue Lupin flower. A soft, enjoyable floral experience. Wild Blue Lupin is known to improve concentration and clarity. Discover why flowers reach for the sun and blossom.
  2. Aqua Mineral: Carved Solutions famous formula and an all-time favorite. This water-based fragrance is simply gentle and clean. What you would expect a fine bar of soap to smell like. Its antique white color is always in style.
  3. Satsuma: A soft, sensual pink infused with exotic Satsuma. This light, zesty orange lifts your spirits and heals your soul. When you believe you become!
  4. Green Tea and Bergamot: Simply refreshing in spring green! This herbal dream shares a pure rejuvenating and uplifting experience. Hope is the eternal promise of a new day.
  5. Verbena: Awakening, motivating, and harmonious fresh lemon scent in a bright snow white. Awaken your senses, relax your mind, uplift and soothe your soul. Each day is a fresh start
  6. Lavender: Rejuvenate, relax and calm your soul with this heavenly scent. True lavender connoisseurs appreciate this timeless favorite. Time to rejuvenate is priceless and you are worthy.



Our Personalized Linen Like Towels with any of our soaps make the perfect pair; you can even get them in our Clean Elegance Gift Set. Keep that powder bath all fixed up with a monogrammed soap set. Plus, your guest will experience luxury every time they wash their hands! 

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