Setting the Table for Easter Brunch

24th Mar 2023

With Easter fast approaching, it’s time to start planning for a special brunch with family and friends. One of the keys to creating a memorable Easter brunch is setting a beautiful table with florals, spring colors, and Easter-themed dinnerware. Luckily, Carved Solutions has a range of customizable products that can help you create the perfect Easter table setting. Here are some ideas for setting the table for Easter brunch with Carved Solutions:

Customized Napkins

Pair your personalized placemats with customized eco-friendly, one time use napkins that feature a monogram or Easter design. Carved Solutions’ Eco-Luxury linen napkins are a perfect choice for a special occasion like Easter brunch. Start by choosing whether you'd like a set of 25 or 50 eco-luxury napkins, then follow the prompts to customize your napkins with either a classic style monogram or one of our pre-loaded graphics. Our production team carefully stamps each napkin with your choice of silver or gold foil.

Easter-themed Glassware

What's Easter brunch without mimosas or a peach bellini? Add a touch of Easter whimsy to your table with customized glassware. Carved Solutions offers a range of wine glasses for a brunch bellini, highball glasses for fresh lemonade, and champagne flutes to sip on mimosas! All of these can be personalized with an Easter design or message. Just like the customizable napkins, our glassware is also totally customizable to match your decor and your home. Choose from designs like Easter eggs, bunnies, and flowers to create a festive and fun table setting.

Having Easter brunch on your outdoor patio? Take away the stress of glass and go with some of our virtually unbreakable acrylic drinkware. If you're hosting a larger crowd and making drinks by the pitcher, go with our Personalized Unbreakable Acrylic Pitcher and serve your guests in either our Personalized Double Old Fashioned Acrylic Glasses or Acrylic Highball Glasses

Custom Cutting Boards

Now for the most important part of your Easter brunch: the food! From prepping your brunch all the way to a gorgeous serving platter, we have customizable cutting board and serving trays that are the perfect touch for your Easter brunch. If you're serving up a large Easter-themed charcuterie board, our favorite pick for spring charcuterie is our Personalized Countertop Integrity Cutting Board. At just over 20 inches long, it's the perfect wood cutting board for all those chocolate Easter bunnies and fresh fruit. 

If you're slicing up a juicy and traditional ham for Easter, you'll definitely want to have a cutting board that has a juice groove or a lip that keeps all the juice from spilling onto your Easter table decorations. For a classic and traditional style look, our Personalized Master Serving Tray is a large yellow birch wood cutting board with a juice groove all the way around the edges to serve up your Easter ham as the perfect centerpiece of the table. If you're more into coastal design, or celebrating Easter weekend near the water, our Nautical Boards collection might be the perfect way to serve your brunch. Each Nautical Board is complete with a cleat-style handle that mimics to the look of a boat and are made with premium maple and sapele wood. For ham, we would suggest our Maple Rectangle Carving Board

By using customizable products from Carved Solutions, you can create a unique and personalized Easter table setting that will impress your guests and make your brunch extra special. Whether you choose personalized placemats, customized napkins, Easter-themed glassware, custom cutting boards, or personalized coasters, these products will help you set the table for a memorable Easter brunch.