​Holiday Product Spotlight: Easter Egg Soap Sets

​Holiday Product Spotlight: Easter Egg Soap Sets

8th Apr 2022

Easter is approaching quickly and you’ll want your house to be bright, cheery, and full of pastel colors for all your guests to see. Carved Solutions is here to help get your kitchen and bathroom Easter season-ready. Check out our amazing Easter product selection and add a pop of color to your household.

Signature Spa Easter Eggs

The cutest way to brighten up your powder room or kitchen sink - without the mess of dying actual Easter eggs. The Signature Spa Easter Egg Soap Set comes in sets of three or six oval-shaped soaps depending on your need. Each soap is hand-carved and features a variety of designs on each soap. These soaps come in six vibrant scents including:

  • Green Tea and Bergamot (Pastel Green)
  • Verbena (Pastel Yellow)
  • Lavender (Pastel Lavender)
  • Wild Blue Lupin (Pastel Blue)
  • Satsuma (Pastel Pink)
  • Aqua Mineral (Neutral Creme)

Signature Spa Trio - Easter Eggs

The Easter Egg Signature Soap Trio features three refreshing oval-shaped soaps including Green Tea, Lavender, and Satsuma OR Green Tea, Satsuma, and Wild Blue Lapin, packaged in a pearl white gift box. Keep for yourself or as a gift when visiting family!

Signature Spa Inspire - Easter Eggs (All Scents)

If you want to experience each of our lovely scents, choose the six-piece Easter egg soap set featuring uniquely carved Easter egg designs on each oval soap.

Signature Spa Inspire - Happy Easter (All Scents)

sets comes with six hand-carved oval soaps in a variety of spring scents.Enjoy a mix of Easter motifs with the Happy Easter Signature Spa Set. Each of these 

For more information on our Easter Collection, give us a call at 802.872.0047 or email!