David Oreck Knows Clean Candles

David Oreck Knows Clean Candles

Posted by Dawn Lancaster on 22nd Apr 2018

To many folks, David Oreck, is a household name.  We grew up knowing the Oreck vacuum brand and watching Mr. Oreck himself in commercials showing us how his lightweight product was superior to other brands.  It was easy to carry and handle, plus had the strength and resiliency to serve the commercial hotel market.  Who wouldn't want an Oreck in their home?  Even my 85 year old mom-in-law still has an Oreck in hers (photo to the right is our daughter, Sarah, using Grandma's Oreck).    

Since then, Mr. Oreck has sold the Oreck vacuum company. With his continued desire to grow manufacturing in the United States, Mr. Oreck found himself involved in the candle manufacturing industry.  

David Oreck knows clean and his focus hasn't strayed. The David Oreck Candle Company factory focuses on quality, made in USA products that are known to be the cleanest burning candles in the industry!  Always an innovator, Mr. Oreck made sure the David Oreck Candle Company became known for Pure Air Odor Eliminating Candles.  We love the removal and elimination of odors vs. masking!

I was so excited when I experienced their wide wick technology.  Superior fragrance throw in an eco-friendly soy candle, combined with a super clean burn even impressed me!  Their plant-based waxes and all cotton/paper blend wicks, are 100% natural and handmade in the USA.  Their focus stays true to Carved Solutions' commitment to air quality!

The David Oreck Candle Company products are obviously, a perfect fit for Carved Solutions! When I received the opportunity to sit with Mr. Oreck himself I was beyond humbled and thrilled for the opportunity. Anyone who knows me knows that my late Daddy was my treasured mentor.  Being in Mr. Oreck's presence was a dream come true for me in many ways.  In short, the day went by too quickly (how did I not get a photo) and I wish Mr. Oreck lived right next door.  For now, the gift of phone calls will have to do.  I left inspired, blown away and completely in love with this 94 year old marketing icon. 

When Mr. Oreck offered me the rare opportunity to align our brands to offer you personalized Oreck candles you can imagine my excitement!  The joint-venture products have been launched Mother's Day (because no one deserves to be more pampered than Mom)! 

Together we have custom re-created Carved Solutions timeless cobalt blue vessels with 3 all-time favorite Oreck Candle scents (Buttercream Cupcake, Sun & Sand and Wild Orange Blossom).  Each candle is personalized to your desire.  Each made in the USA Cobalt Candles are really 2 gifts in 1 and become heirloom keepsake drinking glasses once the candles are thoroughly enjoyed.  Mom (or Grandma or Aunt) will remember your thoughtfulness all year long.  Imagine her pride when she entertains with her keepsake glasses when visitors come sharing the story of your thoughtfulness and discerning taste!  We even have a Lather & Light Gift Set combining the David Oreck Essential Infusion candle of your choice with our personalized Eco-Luxury (Vermont Made) Fine Soaps that is perfect for pampering!

Mother's Day is only 3 Sundays away!  I guarantee your Mom will fall in love with our David Oreck Candles...I know because I did!