Best Ways to Pamper Mom on Mother's Day

Best Ways to Pamper Mom on Mother's Day

Posted by Lilly Morgan on 21st Apr 2022

If you’re trying to think of the best Mother’s day gift for your mom, nothing can beat a long day of rest and relaxation for the mom who does it all. Rather than dropping off a wrapped present, plan to treat your mom like a queen for the day. Below are a few ways to pamper your favorite lady on her day.

Give the gift of a long relaxing bath

At Carved Solutions, we sell delicious soaps created with bright and fresh scents that instantly relax with every inhale. Choose from six amazing scent options provided on the Lovely Lather Soap Trio including aqua mineral, green tea and bergamot, lavender, satsuma, wild blue lupin, and verbena. In addition to choosing her favorite scent, these hand-poured oval soaps are then engraved with a beautiful monogram. This way, no one will be able to steal her favorite moisturizing soap! 

Throw in one of our personalized pillar candles so mom can add another element of relaxation to her bath time. Want to give her a soap sampler? We also have six soap sets in a variety of scents with limited Mother’s Day engravings to show off throughout the house.

Serve Mom her Favorite Dish

For the mom who is always in the kitchen, pamper her by making serving her a favorite dish or treat on Mother’s Day. 

Whether she has a favorite pasta dish or an apple pie recipe that she’s made for years, take this day to treat her to something special. As an added bonus, serve her favorite foods on one of our hand-crafted sapele or Maple Nautical Board that she can keep and use forever!

Happy Hour with Mom

Nothing will help mom unwind like a refreshing cocktail with the girls. Choose a light sangria or skinny margarita recipe and set up a comfy spot outside for an evening get-together. Serve it up in a personalized unbreakable acrylic pitcher for outdoor use. 

Double up on the pampering with a set of unbreakable acrylic wine glasses engraved with her name or initials that she can keep and use for years. With kids and pets running around, mom will never have to worry about breaking a glass again when using our unbreakable acrylic drinkware!

Beach Day with Mom

Celebrate Mom with a beach, pool, or lake day and all her favorite things. Set up a few lounge chairs and an umbrella, her favorite book, and ice-cold lemon water or iced tea. 

Nothing like a sunny day by the water to help your mom unwind from her busy life. Serve her a chilly beverage in a Kellbee Cup in her favorite color, personalized with her initials.

Whether your mom enjoys soaking up the sun at the beach or delicious smelling products for a relaxing bath, you can’t go wrong when pampering mom. Shop the rest of our Mother’s Day collection for even more personalized gift ideas!