Clean & Sustainable Shopping with Carved Solutions

Clean & Sustainable Shopping with Carved Solutions

14th Apr 2023

With spring in full swing and summer just on the horizon, it is an excellent time to stock your home with natural products that are healthy for you and the environment. Expecting visitors? Need gifts for upcoming spring holidays? We create fun products that you can share with family and friends while also looking out for Mother Earth. By choosing our products, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting a company that values the health of your environment as well as the larger environment we all share.

Our Soaps

We know how important it is to feel fresh and clean in the warmer months. You want to remove dirt, sweat and bacteria without stripping your natural oils. Our gentle soaps, handcrafted in Vermont, are paraben, cruelty and gluten free. They are triple milled and 100% vegetable based. You can take comfort that your family and guests are using a quality natural product to clean their hands, face and body. These soaps make great last minute gifts for teachers, wedding guest swag or even a treat for yourself! Try the Squeaky Clean Soap Set or the Eco-Luxury Inspire set to bathe in responsible luxury.

Our Candles

Spring and summer are a time to sit outside and enjoy the night sky! Longer days make for shorter nights, which are the perfect time for a little rest and relaxation or an R&R Candle. Whether sitting on the front porch or enjoying a quiet night inside, candles have a calming effect with their gentle, warm glow. We create candles with a personal touch - All of our candles have options for carved personalization. We also create our candles with renewable palm wax. It is biodegradable and non toxic, as well as burning much cleaner than paraffin wax. Our candles are even recyclable! Since they burn from the inside, preserving the personalization on the outside, they can be reused again and again with tea candles placed inside. Isn't that romantic?

Our Cutting Boards

Teak and Acaciaare popular choices for cutting boards due to their hardness and resistance to moisture, making them ideal for use in the kitchen. But how sustainable are they? The teak and acacia cutting boards we sell use wood from plantations that use responsible forestry practices. These practices involve planting new trees to replace those that are harvested, protecting wildlife habitats, and minimizing the use of harmful chemicals. We sell a variety of shapes and sizes for entertaining, almost all with the option of personalization, making them the perfect gift.