10 Bar Soap Collection

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Includes two eachsoap bars (over three pounds of fine aromatic soaps): Green Tea & Bergamot: This herbal dream balances the mind & regenerates the soul. Our fine Green Tea & Bergamot bars are presented in spring green. Lavender: Our heavenly Lavender will please even the most devoted Lavender connoisseur. Created in the softest shade of purple, this bar will rejuvenate, relax and calm your soul. Satsuma: Is light, zesty citrus that lifts your spirits & heals your soul. Our fine Satsuma bars are presented in a soft Himalayan pink color. Verbena: Our bright white Verbena bars are awakening and motivating. This fresh lemon scent stimulates your senses, clears your mind, uplifts and soothes your soul. Wild Blue Lupine: A soft, enjoyable floral experience in romantic blue. The Wild Blue Lupine flower is known to improve concentration and clarity. Each Vermont made Pure|Energy Apothecary bar is triple-milled for luxurious lather that is perfect for hands, bodies and faces of all ages. In today's hectic world, time is a commodity - every bath or shower should be an escape for your soul. Because everything really is all about the energy we bring into the universe, we care about you and our planet. Each fine Pure|Energy Apothecary (5oz) bar is 100% plant based, moisturizing, sulfate free, phosphorus free, phthalate free, gluten free, paraben free, cruelty free (never tested on animals; only on our beloved humans), and lovingly made in Vermont.