CALM with Green Tea & Bergamot

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CALM with Green Tea & Bergamot This herbal dream balances the mind & regenerates the soul. Our fine Green Tea & Bergamot bars are presented in spring green. Each Vermont made Pure|Energy Apothecary bar is triple-milled for luxurious lather that is perfect for hands, bodies and faces of all ages. In today's hectic world, time is a commodity - every bath or shower should be an escape for your soul. Calm with Green Tea & Bergamot. Because everything really is all about the energy we bring into the universe, we care about you and our planet. Each fine Pure|Energy Apothecary (5oz) bar is 100% plant based, moisturizing, sulfate free, phosphorus free, phthalate free, gluten free, paraben free, cruelty free (never tested on animals; only on our beloved humans), and lovingly made in Vermont.